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Airdog X3

Filtration Process

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5. Air Quality Display: Real time air quality index.

4. Carbon Filter: Removes unpleasant  odours keeping air fresh and pure.

2. Plasma Ioniser: Negatively charged ions eliminate viruses including SARS-Cov2 / Covid-19.

3. Collecting Plates: Charged particles collect on plates removing harmful contaminants.

1. Pre-Filter: First line of defence against particles, dust, pet dander, pollen etc..

Green Technology

Air Purification

Technical Data

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Airdog X3 not only captures but eliminates airborne viruses and bacteria. The electrostatically charged collecting plates act as a powerful magnet, attracting harmful particles, common allergens such as pollen, pet dander dust etc.

The X3 is the perfect home and office air purification unit. 

CADR : 200 m³/h

Captures particles : >0.0145μm

Fan speeds : 4 + Sleep Mode

Noise : 21- 46 dB

Power consumption : 9 - 27W

Weight : 5 kg

Dimensions (H x L x D) : 52 x 26 x 26 cm

An example of the capability :

In an area 22m² with a ceiling height of 2.5m the X3 can deliver 3.64 air changes per hour.

Is the X3 suitable for you?

High Performance

X3 with futuristic graphene infused collecting plates is the world’s most effective air purification system. Capturing particles down to0.0145μmin size it’s capable of eliminating  SARS-Cov 2 and contaminants that attribute to allergies, respiratory illness and illness caused by airborne viruses

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Protecting Our


Airdog, the Tesla of the air purification industry. Using electric filtration to replace the need for HEPA filters, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment. Leading edge green technology air purification


Airdog X3 quietly purifies the air around you with its intelligent and intuitive technology. In auto mode it self-regulates the performance while purifying and advising of the air quality via a real time air quality index. 

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Space Age Technology

The latest futuristic Graphene Material, which is applied in space technology is at the heart of X3 and right at the leading edge of filtration technology. The Graphene Material enables the Collecting Plates to be superconductive, making X3 the most effective filtration system on the market while being 200% lighter. This is a first for air purification!

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